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One and Two Company's Happy Crochet Book: Patterns That Make Your Kids Smile

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Are you crazy about crochet? Of course you are! This book contains a series of crochet designs that kids and moms will adore. One and Two Company’s playful collection of patterns includes cute hats, little baby booties, the sweetest doll, huggable lovies, animal cushions and backpacks, a baby rattle, a beautiful nursery mobile and plenty more. This book is packed with clever, playful projects to crochet for boys and girls. Ideal for baby showers!

This crochet collection is well suited for both beginners and experienced crafters. You’ll easily create these gorgeous items by following the step-by-step instructions packed with how-to photographs and illustrations. Crocheters who favor reading charts will be delighted to find these available in the book as well. Each pattern is clearly marked with a materials list, glossary of stitches used and beautiful pictures showing the items from all sides.


Following the huge success of her pattern webshop “One and Two Company”, Carolina Guzman has put her design skills to work and created more adorable critters to crochet in this highly anticipated first book.

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Seitenzahl: 104 Seiten
Autor: Carolina Guzman
ISBN: 9789491643132
Erschienen in 2016 

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